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This is our template for invoice excel. You can create any invoice in this template, just fill it out, then save and download it. Enjoy simple use of this template and make your business.
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  • Being a small business owner means having to cope with multiple important tasks. If boosting your revenue is among your ultimate goals, then you should focus on mastering the art of billing. With a wisely customized and clearly designed blank Excel invoice template, you will save heaps of your time and enable your clients to pay you faster.

    Billing your clients quickly, professionally, and politely is paramount. To speed up the process and make it as effective as possible, use our top-notch software. It will improve customer satisfaction, stimulate your clients to pay you faster, prevent human error, enhance your organizational potential, and save your time immensely.

    Also, to help you manage your client payments, we’ve compiled a catalog of professional, fully adjustable, and straightforward xls invoice templates. Select the downloadable Excel invoice template that resonates with your current business pattern, download it, and customize it to suit your unique needs. Once you switch to online billing, you’ll never go back to paper and pen.

    To make sure you get paid fairly for the specific goods and services you offer, use one of our many fully customizable Google Doc invoice template.

  • Tips for Using the Templates of Our Excel Invoices

    Are you planning to make an invoice based on our template selection? Good for you! Here are some expert tips and hacks on how to design a bill your clients will trust:

    1. Download the invoice template .xls from our collection.
    2. Adjust it to feature your company name, contacts, and logo.
    3. Indicate the services rendered or products sold.
    4. Include your customer information.
    5. Specify the issue date, plus the payment due date.
    6. Indicate your payment terms.
    7. Assign a unique ID to your invoice.
    8. Don’t forget to add a personal note once you’re through with the official stuff. Thank your client for their business, as well as for choosing your company.
    9. Export the invoice in Excel format and send it as soon as you possibly can.


    You can follow easy steps from your full guide on How to Create an Invoice in Excel


  • Pros & Cons of Spreadsheet Invoices

    Microsoft Excel is a popular program. And it’s newbie-friendly, too! If you’re just starting out as a small businessman, you can try and use it for billing your customers. The process of billing via Excel doesn’t differ much from using Microsoft Word. The only exception is that with Excel, you get to set up calculations for your file to happen automatically. You’ll find the details on the perks and drawbacks of Excel-based billing below. Or you can also choose cloud-based alternative – Google Spreadsheets invoice template.


      1. designed for complex spreadsheets;
      2. user-friendly irrespective of your savviness;
      3. makes creating and using formulas for calculations easy;
      4. if adjusted properly, our templates will help you boost your business.








          1. using Excel for invoicing is still a manual task;
          2. the program comes with a learning curve: if you don’t know how to create formulas, you’ll make mistakes in your calculations.
  • Alternatives to Using Invoice Template Excel

    When it comes to invoice templates Word and Excel formats are both presented in plenty in our selection. However, you should know that these days, successful billing goes far beyond those two programs. If you really want to streamline the process, opt for top-level invoicing software. We have a thing or two to offer you in this respect, as well. Give our Saldo Invoice app a go, and you’ll definitely see the difference.

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