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Invoice Maker is an online invoice generator – an innovative business tool you can use for creating invoices online

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • I’ve lost my invoices. How can I get them back? arrow down

    You might have a few accounts and your invoices scattered among them. Please contact our Customer Care and provide your business entity name. We`ll find all of your documents and consolidate them in the account you want to keep

  • How do I receive payments from my Customers? arrow down

    You can quickly and easily receive payments from your customers through our Stripe integration. Stripe allows you to receive payments from all over the world in just a few minutes. Once you connect your Stripe account to your Invoice Maker profile, the payment link will be attached to all the invoices.

    Besides that, you’ll need to add: 

    • Your PayPal email
    • Your or your business name
    • Bank account information
    • Additional payment instructions if there are any
  • Why is my invoice a link? arrow down

    This feature allows you to easily track the status of all your invoices.. For instance, if you see the Viewed tag on an invoice, you know that your customer received and opened the document. Or if you see the Paid tag, you know that you should’ve already received the payment

    * The Paid tag is automatically applied only if you accept payments via Stripe. In all other cases, you need to manually mark the invoice as paid

  • How do I know my Customer received the invoice? arrow down

    Your invoice will show the Sent tag. You should also see the email with an invoice in the Sent folder in your mailbox

  • Can I get my deleted/archived invoice back? arrow down

    Sure! Contact our Customer Care, give us the invoice number, and we’ll restore the invoice to your account

  • How can I save an invoice as a PDF file? arrow down

    Open the invoice and tap the Print button, which will give you the page with Print options. Among them, you will be able to save the document as a PDF file to your device

  • How to upload a company logo? arrow down

    Open your Business entity, tap the circle in the upper part of the screen, and you’ll be able to upload your logo

  • Can I use the app both on smartphone and PC? arrow down

    Sure! Just follow the link https://app.saldoinvoice.com/sign-in and sign into your Invoice Maker account

  • Why does it keep logging me out? arrow down

    Your account is connected to our server. If you haven’t opened the app for more than 8 days, the connection will expire and it will automatically log you out. Though it sounds like an inconvenience, all of your documents are being saved on our server so you don’t have to worry about losing your data