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India Invoice Template


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About our India Invoice Template

Let’s make your perfect e-invoicing India! It is very easy with our VAT invoice sample India. Fill out all information about your service or product, add customer data, and you are almost here! Look about the specificity of taxes in our article and download your first invoice in PDF. 
  • What Fields Should Be Filled in India Invoice Template?

    Free India Invoice Template: Create Online Invoice India | Saldoinvoice

    Invoices are universal tools with which you can demand payment for completed orders. Although, in general, they are similar, each country has certain requirements for completing them.

    As India is part of the VAT/GST system, you need to provide relevant information on your paperwork. When you make an invoice online India, you should enter your ID in this system (you need to register in it first) and indicate the tax percentage (up to 28%) levied on customers next to each item. If your goods and services have a reduced or zero rate, they should also be reflected in the paper. It is an important feature that distinguishes any contractors invoice in this region from some other countries.

    Besides, there are also several other required fields. When using our free invoice generator India, you get a form in which you need to enter data about your business: name, exact address, phone number, and email address. Personalize the indian GST invoice template by adding your logo to the top corner. You also need to provide the contact details of the person or company for which you completed an order. If you are logged in to our system, you can import this information from your device’s address book.

    The main space of the Indian invoice sample is occupied by an itemized list of all goods and services provided. Put each item on a separate line and indicate the number of units or hours spent, the cost, and the tax due. Based on the entered data, the system will automatically calculate the subtotal. Next, specify shipping costs and discounts (if you provide such options) and get the total sum due. Add payment methods available to customers, and in the “Notes” field, remind them about your terms and conditions. Optionally, you can add tips to help customers make payments faster.

  • Download Indian Invoice Template Easy With Saldo Invoice

    India Invoice Template - photo 1

    Download a blank form to your device to fill it out at your convenience, or do it on the go using our online Indian invoice software. It is available on any device as a web-based service or mobile application. Choose the most suitable invoice India format for you, fill in the required information, and send the finished document to a recipient by email or using a link. If necessary, print it or save it to your device.

    Our library of forms is very extensive. Here you can find documents by region, like Malaysia invoice template, by category like medical or law invoices, by format (Word, Excel, PDF, or Google services), and more. Whatever your business, Saldo Invoice provides you with the necessary invoicing tools.

  • FAQ

    What businesses can use the India invoice template for invoicing in India?

    The India invoice template is suitable for businesses operating in India or doing business with Indian clients.

    Does the template comply with the legal requirements for invoices in India?

    The template is designed to align with the legal requirements for invoices in India, including necessary details like the GSTIN and tax information.

    Can I specify services, products, and prices in both English and Hindi?

    Yes, you can often specify services, products, and prices in both English and Hindi to cater to a bilingual audience.

    Are there options for including the necessary tax and GST information on the invoice?

    The template usually includes sections for specifying tax rates, GST information, and other required details as per Indian tax regulations.

    Can I customize the India invoice template with my business information and branding?

    Yes, you can often customize the template with your business information, logo, and branding to make it unique to your Indian business.

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