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German Invoice Template


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About our template and German VAT invoice requirements

When you create an invoice for a specific country, remember about features of this invoice. To make a perfect e-invoicing Germany use our German VAT invoice sample, just fill it out, download and send it! Or download the template without VAT. Also, you can read below about the specifics of invoicing in this country.
  • Filling Out a German Invoice Template

    Free German Invoice Template: Download Invoice Germany | Saldoinvoice

    Invoices are an important part of any international business documentation. When serving customers in Germany you need to know Germany invoice requirements, you need to take into account the specifics of the region and local sales laws.

    It mainly refers to VAT compliance and collecting appropriate sums from customers. When creating each invoice in German, you need to take this tax into account and indicate it next to each item. Keep in mind that the general VAT in Germany is 19%, but for some groups of goods and services, it is lower (7%) or completely absent. To conduct business and establish electronic invoicing in Germany, you need to register in the VAT system and get a personal ID. Along with the tax percentage, you need to indicate it in your payment papers.

    In addition to VAT related information, your freelancing invoice should also contain the following details:

    • date of the file creation and its ID in your system;
    • the date by which you should receive money;
    • detailed information about your business, including VAT ID;
    • contact details of the client for whom an order was made;
    • itemized description of services and goods, the exact number of pieces or hours spent, prices, taxes, and the total sum payable (in the currency of the region);
    • available payment methods and terms;
    • fees, discounts, and delivery costs;
    • notes, tips, or recommendations for clients.

    Our German invoice sample is flexible enough to allow you to include items with different tax rates and even pricing (flat and hourly rates) in one document. You can add as many lines to the order description as you need in a particular situation. Please note that the template has a “Notes” section. There you can add some tips for clients or make clarifications if you provided zero-rated goods or services.

  • Download Invoice Germany Template Easy With Saldo Invoice

    German Invoice Template

    Our generator allows you to create payment documents on any convenient device. You can fill out the German freelance invoice template in advance or do it on the go after completing your order. Enter all the necessary information and double-check for errors or typos. If everything is fine, send the file to a client by email or via a link. You can also save the finished document locally and print it.

    Keep in mind that the EU invoice template VAT rules recommend keeping all such records for a minimum of ten years, as opposed to, say, a completed template for an invoice UK. All documents generated using our platform are stored in the cloud, so they do not take up space on your devices, and you do not need to create an archive for them, as you would with paper workflow.

  • FAQ

    What businesses can use the German invoice template for their invoicing needs?

    The German invoice template is suitable for businesses operating in Germany or doing business with German clients.

    Does the template comply with the legal requirements for invoices in Germany?

    The template is designed to align with the legal requirements for invoices in Germany, including necessary details like the VAT ID and tax information.

    Can I specify services, products, and prices in both German and English?

    Yes, you can often specify services, products, and prices in both German and English to cater to a bilingual audience.

    Are there options for including the necessary tax and VAT information on the invoice?

    The template usually includes sections for specifying tax rates and VAT information as required by German tax law.

    Can I customize the German invoice template with my business’s information and branding?

    Yes, you can often customize the template with your business’s information and branding to make it unique to your company.

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