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PDF Invoice Template

The PDF format is one of the most user-friendly formats. That’s why we offer to use our free invoice template PDF, to create the easiest in use billings and make sure that your client will get it, certainly.

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  • About our PDF Invoice Template

    PDF Invoice Template: Download Sample Of An Invoice PDF

    Accounting, invoices, taxes… Oh, boy! The whole thing makes your head spin for sure. However, you must understand how to send invoices correctly if you want your firm to run smoothly and generate a profit. We’ll be here to support you in this way. You have unlimited access to free, fillable PDF invoice files on the Saldo Invoice’s website. Browse them, select the one that most appeals to you, download and then make the required edits. For your convenience, we have produced a polished PDF invoice template.

    Make a straightforward, appealing, and simple to use with Invoice Maker’s PDF templates. Simply download the file that captured your attention and make the required modifications. Check that the final design is unambiguous and simple. Email the finished invoice online. This will motivate your customers to pay you quicker, accelerating your cash flow.

  • Using a PDF Sample Invoice: Some Tips

    After downloading a template from our collection, are you wondering how to create a PDF invoice? Follow these useful tips on designing a document that appeals to the customers:

    1. Choose a PDF invoice template to download.
    2. Change it to include the name of your company, address, and brand logo.
    3. List the goods and services you’ve rendered or sold.
    4. Specify your client details.
    5. Indicate the issue date, alongside the payment due date.
    6. Clarify your payment terms.
    7. Assign an individual number to your document. 
    8. Be polite when billing and following up, and let your client know how grateful you are that they chose your business.
    9. As soon as you can, save the file and send it to your customer online.
  • Pros and Cons of Creating PDF Invoices

    After a customer places an order from your business, you can choose to send them a ready-to-use customer invoice sample or a real-time invoice sample in PDF format. This will greatly increase the adaptability of your company. Also, unlike manual invoicing, the usage of PDF templates or even specialized tools such as a free receipt template will save you a lot of valuable time. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of PDF invoicing? We will take a look at this topic below.


    • it shows your professionalism;
    • it includes your payment terms;
    • minimal manual effort; 
    • multiple features allow you to add data fields, dropdown menus, etc.;
    • PDFs work for any operating system;
    • PDFs render exactly the same irrespective of the device, OS, screen size, etc.


    • PDFs are not mobile-friendly;
    • they require multiple steps to access, which is inconvenient.

    In our post on How to convert PDF invoice to Excel, you may learn more about free invoice PDF.


  • Main Elements of PDF Invoice Template

    No matter how advanced your business plan is, there are no limits to perfection. You can simplify and improve your work with a proper invoice generator PDF. If you are new to this area and don’t know where to start, check out the main elements you need to include in your template:

    Main Elements of PDF Invoice Template
    1. Payment Terms: They must be visible to both you and your clients.
    2. A Catchy Logo:You can promote your business one more time in your own PDF blank invoice by adding not only the name and address of your company but a memorable logo of your brand.
    3. Client Name and Contact Details:Include the name and contacts of the customer in the template.
    4. The Information About Your Goods or Services:The main idea of the invoice template is to specify the goods you sold or the services you provided, as well as the prices. Make sure everything is clear for your customers.
    5. The Set Deadline:It is better to include a specific deadline for the payment. This way, your clients will know when to pay and you won't worry about sending them bothering reminders. They have to understand the rules your business follows.
    6. The Invoice Number:Keep in mind that each blank invoice form PDF is official. It requires its own number. Later you will be able to quickly find any document using this system.
    7. “Thank You” Note:Nobody forbids you from adding formal thanks to your loyal clients in the end with the extra promotion of the company's services. Your clients will be grateful for polite manners and keep in mind your business the next time they need similar services.
    Main components of the PDF invoice template
  • What to Consider When Filling out a PDF Invoice?

    When you are just at the beginning of creating the template via PDF invoice maker, you might find the whole process complicated and confusing. However, once you take the first step, everything gets easier. You have to concentrate and think about what you want to include in the document in the first place in your PDF bill. Consider the following aspects:

    • Your company’s name, address, contact phone, email, and fax must be mentioned in the first place. Make sure they stand out from the whole text. Use the bold letters, make them bigger, but not gigantic. You can use different colors in your generic invoice PDF if you want;
    • It is better to create your personal logo once you start your business. You can hire a professional designer to do it since an advanced logo is a part of your advertising;
    • Spend some time choosing the perfect location for your and your customer’s details. The invoice has to look user-friendly and catchy. Clients need to use their own names, the company’s names, details, and the numbers you charge for indicated services;
    • You can highlight the total price and taxes with another color or bigger letters. Separate this part visibly from other text. Keep in mind that your clients are looking for the price for your services in the first place. Don’t make them search for it. While you can visibly underline your logo as well, the other parts of the text must be slightly pale.
  • Alternatives to the PDF Basic Invoice Template

    We offer a variety of template formats for you to choose from. You’re welcome to take full advantage of our sizable collection if you’re going to convert from the not particularly versatile PDFs to Excel templates for invoicing.

    The good news is that we provide a top-notch invoicing application that will dramatically increase your mobile billing and is a hassle-free on-the-go solution. You will spend less time battling with accounting and billing thanks to our Saldo Invoice platform and more time focusing on what matters most to your organization.



    1. How do I submit a PDF of an invoice?

    Create a PDF invoice that contains all the necessary information. You can download an invoice in PDF format that is ready to send by selecting the Download button. Save it to your device and email it to yourself as an additional file.

    2. How can I create a PDF invoice that I can edit?

    You can always make the necessary changes to our PDF invoice template and save the finished product.

    3. Why am I unable to edit a PDF invoice?

    A pre-made PDF invoice form cannot be edited, but with our simple PDF invoice, you can always make all the required changes and get the finished document in a matter of seconds.

  • FAQ

    How do I fill out the PDF invoice template?

    You can fill out the PDF invoice template by opening the template in a PDF editor or viewer and entering the necessary information in the provided fields.

    Can I digitally sign the PDF invoice template for added security?

    Yes, you can use digital signature tools in most PDF readers to sign the PDF invoice for enhanced security and authenticity.

    Are there different layouts available for the PDF invoice template?

    The PDF invoice template may offer various layouts or styles to choose from, allowing you to select the one that best suits your business needs.

    Can I attach supporting documents to the PDF invoice?

    Yes, you can typically attach additional documents, such as receipts or contracts, to the PDF invoice template to provide more context to your clients.

    Is the PDF invoice template compatible with both desktop and mobile devices?

    Yes, PDF invoices are typically compatible with various devices, making them convenient for both senders and recipients to view and manage.

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