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Sales Invoice Template


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About our Sales Invoice Template

When agreeing the most important thing is a correct invoice. If you don’t want to make a mistake, use our invoices template for sale. Download a file, fill it in, and do your best selling.
  • Ways of Using Sales Invoice Template

    Sales Invoice Template

    As part of running your business, you have to deal with a variety of papers. One of the main documents fixing the fact of a transaction is an invoice for sales. It is an official bill that indicates the goods and services you provided, the amount of work performed, payment terms, and the sum that a client owes you. Small business owners need all this information for accounting tasks, budget planning, demand forecasting, and performance optimization.

    You can create such documents manually using any text editor. However, this approach is considered outdated. Besides, with large amounts of work, there is a possibility of making mistakes. That is why the best option is to use sales invoicing software. The library of such services has ready-made templates for any business, profession, and occasion. If you are authorized in the system, some information, for example, about your company or customers, will be entered automatically.

    Our generator allows you to customize an invoice business template required by a specific situation. For example, you can add as many extra lines to the description block as you like. We also allow users to add items both hourly and per unit rate. If you don’t know how to list your completed tasks properly, check out sales invoice examples. Freelancers and self-employed include goods, services, and fees, as well as the number of items provided and the cost of each. If you run a large-scale project with many tasks, it is worth dividing it into several files.

    The system will automatically estimate the total amount to simplify your work; you only need to specify all goods, services, fees, discounts, and applicable taxes. You can also choose any convenient format for a sales invoice: Excel, PDF, Word, Google Docs, and Google Sheets. You can use ready-made sales invoice forms for the following purposes:

    • accounting and bookkeeping;
    • filling tax return and paying taxes;
    • legal protection from dishonest clients;
    • analysis of the effectiveness of your work;
    • formation of a marketing strategy;
    • budgeting for the next period.

    As our service is compatible with the most popular platforms (iOS, Android, and PC), you can use a blank sales invoice right on the go from any convenient device. Also you can try our new UK invoice sample if you have clients from this country.

  • Download Sales Invoices Easy With Saldo Invoice

    Sales Invoice Template

    In business, a paperless approach to document management is considered the standard. Using our tools, you can send the completed invoice template for hours worked or products rendered to a recipient directly from the application or browser. Use for it an email service or messenger installed on your device. It is also possible to download a file and transfer it to a client on any medium. If your orderer still prefers the “old” approach, you can print the final invoice and hand it over in person.


  • FAQ

    What information should be included in a sales invoice?

    A sales invoice should include details like the seller’s and buyer’s information, invoice number, date, item descriptions, quantities, prices, and payment terms.

    Can I customize the sales invoice template?

    Yes, you can customize the sales invoice template on this website to suit your business needs and branding.

    Is this sales invoice template suitable for e-commerce businesses?

    Yes, the sales invoice template can be used by e-commerce businesses to generate invoices for their online sales.

    Are there any specific tax fields in the sales invoice template?

    Yes, the template allows you to include tax information, such as tax rates and totals, to calculate the final amount payable.

    Is the sales invoice template downloadable for free?

    Yes, you can download the sales invoice template for free from the provided link.

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