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Invoice Templates

Our free fillable invoice templates are versatile and can be applied to any industry. You can customize each file by inserting extra lines or omitting unnecessary information like discounts or shipping data.  
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Formats of Invoice Templates

We offer the most popular formats of a sample invoice form: Word, PDF, Excel, and so on. Besides, you can easily turn an invoice into an estimate. You don't have to make a document from scratch as it is a rather time-consuming task; we provide a ready-made invoice template format in which you only need to enter the necessary data. Thanks to our handy features, it doesn't take long.

Invoice by category

You can find freelancers, independent contractors, vendors, and self-employed in pretty much every industry. They have to perform many tasks that would be distributed among several employees in a large company on their own. To help small businesses bill clients and not be distracted by paperwork, we have developed handy software with invoice examples that lets them create an invoice online and on the go.
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    Create, save and send Care invoices with a single click!
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    Create, save and send Medical invoices with a single click!
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Free Invoice Formats

Create, save and send invoices online with a single click!
  • Ways of Using Web-Development Invoice

    Regardless of whether you are engaged in the supply of goods and equipment or provide services with an hourly rate, it is no longer a problem to quickly generate an editable invoice for completed orders. Our service is available on any device since it is browser-based. Additionally, we offer users a simple and convenient mobile app. It puts all the tools you need to issue a payable invoice template at your fingertips.

    Register in our system to test all our features. Your company information will be inserted into each new file, and customer contacts can be imported from a notebook on any of your devices. Our generator allows you to remain flexible and ready to fulfill any requests. You can add items with a rate per hour, per unit, or combine both options in a generic invoice template. So you have the opportunity to adjust documents depending on a specific orderer or rendered works.

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    Invoice Templates (13)
  • Professional Invoice Templates

    Any of your bills will look organized and professional with the Saldo Invoice app. In our service, you will find both basic and highly specialized forms developed for freelancers, contractors, builders, lawyers, sellers, and many other specialists. We have tried to cover the widest range of professions so that each self-employed person can draft an invoice that is needed for their particular situation.

    Overview of Invoice Templates

    Invoices aren’t just about numbers; they say a lot about your business. The blanks you use showcase how professional and detail-oriented you are. A well-crafted invoice can boost your brand’s image and give clients confidence. Let’s explore their importance and how to use them effectively.

    Importance of Professional Invoices

    Imagine receiving a hastily scribbled bill on a scrap of paper. Not very reassuring, right? A professional invoice not only makes your company look legit but also assures your clients that you are dedicated to business. Establishing trust and setting expectations is key for future interactions.

    Role of Pre-Designed Templates

    Ever felt the dread of staring at a blank screen, unsure of where to start? Taking an example from a pre-designed template can guide you! That’s where pre-designed invoice templates come in. They’re like the handy blueprints you didn’t know you needed. With a variety of free options available online, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Just pick a suitable template, fill in the blanks, and you’re good to go.

    Customization for Brand Identity

    Using a template doesn’t mean you’re stuck with the basic design. Think of it as a canvas, ready for your personal touch. Add your logo, play around with colors, or rearrange various sections. It’s about making that template truly yours, ensuring every bill you send out resonates with your brand’s vibe. After all, it’s the small details that often leave the biggest impressions.

    Advantages of Using Templates

    Invoice Templates - photo 1The beauty of using templates lies in their efficiency and consistency. They simplify tasks that, otherwise, would take a lot of time and potentially lead to inconsistencies. These user-friendly tools are designed to improve your business processes. But why exactly are they beneficial? Here are some clear advantages:
    • Time-saver: Instead of staring at a blank canvas each time, a template lets you jump straight into the necessary details, optimizing your work efficiency.
    • Consistency: A consistent format helps in creating a brand identity, ensuring every client recognizes and trusts your paperwork.
    • No missed details: With a structured form, you diminished the chance of forgetting crucial information like payment methods.

    Given these benefits, it becomes evident why many businesses, from startups to large enterprises, opt for ready-made templates.

    Suitability for Different Businesses

    Templates are designed to suit many types of businesses with various requirements. Based on the size and nature of your venture, here’s how a template can be beneficial:

    • Freelancers and Consultants: As individuals offering personal services, freelancers can use specialized templates to showcase their professionalism while highlighting their unique offerings.
    • Small Businesses and Startups: Financial constraints are common, but with free and simple templates, businesses can still exude professionalism without extra costs.
    • Established Enterprises: The need for a unified and recognizable brand image is crucial. Customizable and editable templates allow big businesses to align every invoice with their brand guidelines.

    Thus, irrespective of your business’s scale, there is a fitting invoice solution for every company size and type, promoting seamless and reliable billing.

    Ways of Using Web-Development Invoice

    Invoice Templates - photo 2In web development, using online invoicing platforms is essential, especially when you need a downloadable copy for your records:
    • Examples of Service-Based Billing: Suppose you’ve designed a website or revamped a client’s web interface. With an online service, you can bill based on these specific services or entire projects, detailing each task or milestone.
    • Customizable Features: Modern invoicing tools allow you to adjust web-development invoices with specific features and visuals, enhancing clarity for both developer and client.
    • Quick Download Options: After crafting the invoice, offer it in various formats. The ability to download and send an invoice as a PDF, Word, or Google Sheet streamlines communication and improves your workflow.

    By integrating these features and functionalities into your invoicing process, you not only simplify operations but also contribute to client relationships.

    Professional Invoice Templates

    Your profession determines the type of invoice you need. For all careers, there’s a specific template. Whether you’re in construction, legal services, or arts and crafts, there’s a fitting invoice form. These specialized blanks cover every detail of the job. Using them not only boosts your service’s reputation but ensures clarity between you and your client about the job and payments.

    How to Work With Samples of an Invoice

    Invoice Templates - photo 3Working with invoice templates can greatly streamline your billing process. Using these blanks is a breeze. These structures typically feature:
    • Business and client details for clear communication.
    • A thorough list of services/products provided, including payment terms.
    • Clear payment instructions for timely transactions.

    Once you fill out the necessary details, choose your preferred format, review, and send it to the client. This method not only saves you time but ensures a professional presentation. The entire invoicing process is straightforward and efficient.

    Invoices are more than just bills. They’re the handshake at the end of a job, sealing the deal with professionalism. The templates you utilize show what your company stands for. Picking the right design makes everything run smoothly and look pro. Whether you’re a one-person show or a big business, there’s a perfect invoice out there for you.





    All created documents are saved in your profile, which you can sort by date and status (paid, unpaid, or overdue). Each professional services invoice template is taken into account, and, on their basis, automatic reports are generated. It is convenient to keep track of the expected receipts and amounts that have already come to your account with them. You also have the opportunity to get acquainted with the statistics and find out which items are most popular and which of the customers is the most active.


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  • How to Work With Samples of an Invoice?

    Each example of an invoice is more or less similar to others, so it wont’t be a problem to fill in invoice. All forms contain the following data:


    • your business details and customer info: names, phone numbers, emails, addresses, and so on;
    • a list of goods and services that you have rendered. It includes the items’ titles, their quantity, and cost. It is also possible to specify whether products are taxable and include a discount if you offer one;


    • a total amount due. Based on your records, including fees and shipping costs, the system calculates the final sum.
    • payment options. We offer the opportunity to accept e-payments via Stripe; you can also use PayPal, checks, bank transfers, or manually specify any other method;


    Accompanying photos, notes, and recommendations may be added to a layout of an invoice to make it easier for clients to process your papers. Do not forget to sign and attach your company logo, if available. After filling in a downloadable invoice template, save it locally, preview it for errors, email it to a recipient, share a link to it, or print it.


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