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About our Quote Template

Clients always want to know what they are paying for and what the final sum in the receipt will be. Knowing that you can easily provide them with everything needed!! Use our quote template to create your price for customers. You can also print a quote, send it by email or simply publish it on the website.
  • Ways of Using Quote Template

    Quote template online - free quotes generator

    A quote template is an essential document for any business. It lists all the cost information in regard to the services your company offers.

    Also, a quote can itemize the breakdown of the jobs to be performed by your company as part of the project. When a potential client is interested in the amount of money they’re going to spend on your products or services, they may ask you to send them a quote. When a client accepts a quote, it gets converted to an invoice.

    To make quoting your clients faster and easier, make the most of our free quoting template compilation.

    Download, edit, and use any template for a quote that suits your needs. The majority of template generators are limited in terms of customization possibilities. On the contrary, our selection of quotes templates grants you the freedom to design your quote in the most professional, business-promoting way.

    Our receipts maker is extremely user-friendly and makes creating high-quality quotes a breeze.

  • How to Create a Quote by an Invoice Maker?

    Here are some useful tips on creating a quote that makes your company look most reputable in your customers’ eyes:

    1. Include your brand/business logo. It will assist your potential customer in effortlessly identifying the quote as yours. 
    2. Include a column listing the products sold/services rendered. Make sure you specify the number of products and unit prices if necessary.
    3. Indicate total estimated costs. That way, your potential customer will instantly decide whether they can afford what you’re offering them or not. 

    Fortunately, our service is aimed at helping you follow these tips in the most effective way. Invoice Maker works in partnership with brilliant graphic designers to make a quotes template selection that’s super effective. Unlike other services, we offer our users the possibility to stand out from their competitors and create an impression of reliable professionals right from the very first email to their potential customers. 

  • Increase Efficiency with a Quote Template

    Once you generate quote files and edit them based on your company/project details, you can automatically save them and copy those details onto your other quotes. That way, instead of retyping everything over and over again, you’ll deal with a nearly-completed professionally-looking document ready to fill out in just a few taps. With us, you get a clean, solid quote in a matter of moments. 

    Here are some other benefits of making use of our quote templates:

    • you make a good impression: sending a thoroughly prepared price quote makes you look professional and organized (read as makes your potential clients really like you);
    • you make your business look transparent: a solid price quote offers clarity, for it contains all the details about the project budget. As a result, you gain your client’s trust and establish a solid connection;
    • you increase your chances of sealing the deal: your potential client is more likely to make a quick decision in your favor if you send them a professional price quote (and if your price fits their budget).

    Last but not least, when using our quote template blanks, you get to instantly access our limitless cloud-based storage where you can keep each and every template of quote you’ve ever worked with. Invoice Maker can become your go-to solution when it comes to quote templates. We offer maximum security and the possibility to access your files on the go irrespective of your whereabouts. Super convenient! 

  • FAQ

    What is the primary purpose of a quote template?

    A quote template is used to provide potential clients with a detailed breakdown of costs for products or services they are inquiring about before making a purchase decision.

    Can I customize the quote template to include images or product descriptions?

    Yes, most quote templates allow you to add images, product descriptions, and other relevant details to make your quotes more informative.

    How long is a typical quote valid in a quote template?

    The validity period of a quote is often specified within the template and can vary depending on your business’s policies, but it’s commonly 30 days.

    Is it possible to convert a quote into an invoice using the same template?

    Yes, you can use the information from a quote to create an invoice by updating the template with the final agreed-upon prices and terms.

    Are there any legal considerations when using a quote template?

    It’s essential to ensure that the quote template includes terms and conditions that outline the validity of the quote, payment terms, and other relevant policies.

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