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Consultation Invoice Template


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About our Consultation Invoice Template

When you create an invoice for a consultant, you must be very attentive to filling in all your services information. To save your time and give a simple solution, we offer to use our invoice template for consultants. Save like a sample, then just fill it!
  • Ways of Using Consultation Invoice Template: Excel, Word, Google Docs Formats

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    The term “consultant” includes a fairly extensive list of specialists whose knowledge and experience allow them to advise individuals or entire companies on a variety of issues. Like any other activity, it involves the performance of administrative work. We have developed invoicing software for consultants so that self-employed people and freelancers have a convenient tool that allows them to bill clients. For the entire company, a business invoice template can be created.

    It is a very flexible generator that lets you customize documents depending on the specifics of your business. With it, you can create security, recruitment, interior design, web development invoice, or any other form you need. It’s available on various devices, so it’s possible to generate files on the go. It is convenient if your client wants to get a bill as soon as possible, so you can create and send them papers on the spot.

    Any consultant invoice sample consists of the following points:

    • An identification number and issue and due date;
    • Your or your company data. This information is saved in your account and inserted into each file if you are signed in to the system. Add your logo to make your docs stand out from the flow your recipients have to deal with;
    • Information about a client. Enter it manually or create a database by importing details from a notebook. It will significantly speed up the process of filling files;
    • A list of services provided. It is the key section where you should enumerate all the tasks completed, the cost per hour, and the time spent completing them. If you supply products in addition to it, they should also be included in this set. Our sample invoice for consultant work allows you to combine different types of rates.
    • The total sum, which is calculated automatically based on the listed items and the specified fees, taxes, discounts, and shipping costs.
    • Payment methods. They include credit card payments (you need Stripe for it), PayPal, checks, and bank transfers. Add any other way manually.
    • Notes. Leave detailed recommendations, advice, or comments to a recipient to make it easier for them to process your docs.
    • Your sign. Don’t forget to put your signature at the bottom.

    All the information you have entered is saved in your profile. It allows you to quickly create the necessary documents later. Invoicing for consultants is not a complicated process, provided you have the right tool. Also you can ask to pay in advance with our advance payment invoice if you charge by this method.

  • Download Invoice Template for Consultant Easily with Saldo Invoice

    Consultation Invoice Template - photo 1Fill out the consultant invoice form, and be sure to preview it for typos before handing it over to an orderer. You have the option to email the finished paper or share a link to it. It’s also possible to save it locally or print it if needed. You can use invoice PDF samples or choose another format such as Word or Excel. All generated files are saved into your account. On their basis, the platform makes reports that show received, expected, and overdue sums. Also you can find any invoice you might need for your business, for example, US invoice template or for services – invoices for life coach
  • Main Elements of Consultant Billing Template

    Consultation Invoice Template - photo 2

    A key feature of the consultants’ work is the provision of services on an hourly basis. In turn, it affects how you complete your consulting service invoice. While it should contain generally accepted data, the section with the order’s description should be correctly filled out depending on the hours spent.

    Main Elements of Consultant Billing Template
    1. HeaderLook at any sample consultancy invoice. You will see there is always the company logo and the document details on top: serial number, date of issue, and the deadline for payment. Make sure that the title “Invoice” is clearly indicated there.
    2. Parties’ DataThere is always a performer and a customer in any transaction. You should enter their names (or company titles), contact details, and addresses. This information should also be placed at the top so that the parties can quickly find data about each other if necessary.
    3. Order DescriptionOur consulting billable hours template is flexible enough to use for any task. Make a list of all the services provided, enter data from the timer, cost (you can assign different rates for different kinds of services), and taxes.
    4. Payment detailsList payment methods and add brief instructions for each. Offer several options so that your customers can choose the most convenient one.
    5. TotalsYou can add the delivery cost of any goods you need for work to the subtotal or offer the client a discount on this payment.

    What to Consider When Filling Out a Sample of Invoice for Consulting Services?

    Consultation Invoice Template - photo 3Your knowledge and experience, which you offer in the form of consultations, help clients achieve their goals. For your professionalism to be expressed not only in your direct work but also in the way you keep documentation, consider the following details when filling out the free consulting invoice template:
    • Avoid any mistakes and double-check the entered information. A simple typo can make customers suspect fraud, which will significantly affect your reputation.
    • Try to briefly describe each service included in the document so that your customers do not have questions about what they are being charged for.
    • Before you start work, make sure to track the time. You can use any timer to keep track of the hours spent, for example, in our mobile app.
    • You and your clients must have a clear agreement on the way your time is paid for. You need to understand, for example, if you can round 1:46 to a full 2 hours or whether every minute should be counted.
    • Use the column “Additional details” of our invoice template for professional services to the fullest. You can thank customers for choosing your service, add some useful tips and final recommendations, and offer a discount for early payment. It is also not superfluous to remind the recipient of the deadline and fees that might follow due to a delay in payment.
    • If you are working on a large project, we recommend using consultant billing software at the end of an important milestone or making them regularly, for example, once a week or a month.
  • FAQ

    Who uses a consultation invoice template?

    A consultation invoice template is used by consultants and professionals to bill clients for consultation services and expert advice.

    Does the consultation invoice template provide space for describing the consultation session?

    Yes, the template typically includes sections to describe the topics covered and recommendations provided during the consultation.

    Can I include follow-up instructions in the consultation invoice?

    Yes, the consultation invoice template allows you to include follow-up instructions or additional resources for the client’s reference.

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