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  • Running your own business is time-consuming. If you’re a small business owner, you need to set your priorities straight. Billing your clients is vital. But did you know there’s software that can make it a lot easier and faster? To aid you in managing your customer payments, below, we have put together a selection of fully customizable, professional, and easy-to-use Word invoice document templates.

    Choose Microsoft Word templates invoices that suit your current business needs the most. Feel free to download, modify, and generally run them through their paces. Whether you’re on the prowl for printable Word templates or seeking invoice pdf templates for managing your affairs, we’ve got you covered. Our platform will help you bill your clients like a pro and effortlessly track amounts due.

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  • Tips for Using Blank Word Invoice Templates

    If you’re looking to use a Microsoft Word commercial invoice template from our selection to your maximum advantage, follow these tips from our experts:

    • download the template that has caught your eye;
    • customize it to include your business name, contacts, and logo;
    • list the selection of services you’ve provides/products you’ve sold;
    • type in your client details;
    • indicate the issue date, as well as payment due date;
    • type in the total price for the services/products;
    • clarify your payment terms, based on what you’ve previously discussed with your client;
    • add a unique number to the invoice Word sample;
    • add a personal note at the end of the file to express gratitude to your customer for mutually beneficial cooperation;
    • save the file and send it as soon as possible.
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  • Pros & Cons of Creating Invoices in Word Format

    Microsoft Word is used by millions of people on a regular basis. This format is intuitive and effortless. Despite its minor flaws, it’s among the best choices if you want to generate an invoice your clients will trust. When it comes to creating invoices, Word adds up to the docs’ clean, well-organized design. It allows you to include all the details necessary to make your bill look straightforward, convenient, and professional.


    • amazing flexibility and customization possibilities;
    • ease of use;
    • accessibility due to the wide array of files in the catalog;
    • each our Word invoice document looks polished and professional;
    • when customized correctly, our templates will boost your reputation;


    • may involve slightly more time-consuming manual efforts compared to other formats;
    • lack of automatic formulas compared to Excel.
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  • MS Word Template for Invoice: Choose, Customize, Send

    Making your invoice look professional is challenging. That’s why here, we offer you some of the best tools for this purpose. Make the most of our Word templates, as well as use our top-notch Saldo Invoice application for custom-designing your bills. With our assistance, you will succeed in quoting your clients, getting paid fast, and saving lots of time along the way.

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