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Generate and edit professional invoices with Saldo Invoice from the laptop or phone in a few minutes. Fil in all necessary information, save and download. Sign up and start creating invoices. Invoice Maker by Saldo Apps.

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Step-by-step guide

Freelancers, entrepreneurs, and self-employed professionals should be able to maintain accounting records properly. This modern online tool allows you to process bills anywhere and anytime while speeding up the process along the way. To help you understand all its functions, we’ve compiled this step-by-step manual.

  • How to Create an Invoice Using the Invoice Generator?

    Our online bill maker is an easy-to-use, simple invoice app that helps you issue payment documents and customize them for every employer. A sample has both required and optional fields. Below we describe each of them. The first time you open our software for creating invoices, you have to fill in all the requested info. In the future, it won’t be necessary since the system memorizes parameters.

    1: In the upper left corner field, insert your company’s logo. The bill’s details must be indicated in the upper right corner: number, date of formation, and due date. With them, your papers are convenient to process and allow recipients to navigate quickly.

    2: Write your business details in the “From” box. It should include the company name, address, email, and phone number.

    3: Put data regarding the client to whom services were rendered and who should deposit money in the “Bill to” block.

    4: The following section is called “Description” and is used to make a customized invoice since you indicate what items were provided, their quantity, and price. Two graphs are available in the document by default, but you have an option to insert as many lines as needed.

    5: Fill in your billing info. Add available payment options (e.g., PayPal, Stripe, checks, etc.). This way, your customer will know how to deposit money right away and will be able to do it on time.

    6: After that, go to the “Total Amount” block. Include a personal discount for a client, shipping costs, and taxes (for each point or the entire sum) in this section. The system will calculate the overall sum automatically. Also, we have a tool to calculate invoice price, if needed.

    7: In the “Notes” part, leave comments, recommendations, delivery nuances, and other information necessary to a customer. It is essential when you start cooperating with new firms. Such an attitude will show that you are focused on customer comfort.


    Generate an invoice and adjust it using our online invoice builder on the go. View the finished form, save it to your library, send to a recipient, print, or download to your smartphone or tablet.

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  • Is Invoice Generator Safe To Use To Create Invoice ?

    The Saldo Invoice app is entirely safe to utilize. We comply with the terms of our privacy policy and are committed to building a secure workspace for our clients. The software collects anonymous and aggregated visitor data and transfers it to third parties solely to improve our service. We may disclose such information only in cases provided by law and for our fraudulent activity protection.

  • Essential Elements of an Invoice

    Now that you know how to generate invoice online with our tool, we’ll analyze the basic elements required for each file.

    1. Headline

    It is the form name. You may leave the default title, replace it with “Estimate,” or turn an invoice template into other types. The header should reflect the file’s essence and help a recipient understand the content.

    2. Logo

    Having your company logo is optional but desirable. It lets you prepare a professional invoice that looks presentable. The logo serves as an identifier, and accountants determine the sender quickly.

    3. Form details

    This content allows you and customers to navigate billing papers. With its help, you can also filter documents by status and date. Indicate the ID, invoice making date, and payment term.

    4. From

    To make your own invoice, write down the details of your company or business that provided services in the “From” part: the organization name, address, email, phone number (-s), etc.

    5. Bill to

    Here you need to enter the info of those who received your service and should pay. Write down data of an individual or an organization you cooperate with.

    6. Description

    This paragraph includes a short description of all the products you have provided. List the items’ names and specify their quantity & cost per unit, and the system will automatically calculate the full amount for everything. It is recommended to include itemized fees here, if any. Creating invoice online, you may add as many columns as you want. If you have given different types of goods, try not to mix them, but to group and list them in order. The clear structure contributes to faster file analysis.

    7. Payment options

    Fill in the information on how a user should pay for goods: PayPal, checks, bank transfer, or other ways (specify them manually). Add notes or recommendations as needed. Having clear instructions, a payer will have no issues, and the money will arrive on time.

    8. Total amount

    Add information about discounts, taxes, and shipping costs, and the Generator will calculate the total amount that an orderer should pay.

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  • Why Is Making an Invoice with a Generator the Best Choice?

    Opting for online invoicing tools allows eliminating slow manual work and optimizing customer interactions. Our app and its web version offer authorized members a wide range of opportunities. The platform saves user data and inserts it into a new document, which speeds up the work. Invoice Maker also provides printable blank invoice templates.

    You can determine whether a client has read a form, filter papers in the order you want, look through reports on funds received for a specific period, and see the expected sum. This tool is useful for business as you have the opportunity to issue the necessary papers anytime. Well-designed and organized files let recipients analyze them quickly and deposit money on time. It may have a positive effect on your reputation and cause buyers to return to you. It is also versatile and suitable for use in various fields of activity.

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