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Hourly Invoice Template

If you are a freelancer or your work is counted by the hour, you may issue an hourly invoice. It’s a much easier way to make the bill. Use for this hours invoice template, which will save your time and facilitate the calculation.

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  • Ways of Using Hourly Invoice Template

    Hourly Invoice Template: Download Invoice For Hours Worked

    A working hours invoice template allows freelancers and self-employed people to be more flexible than dealing with a fixed rate, for example, actors invoice template, you value every minute you spend on a task, you should opt for a paying invoice per hour basis. It is handy if a client asks for revisions or gives an additional job within the same project. So you can be sure that your activity will be paid accordingly.

    Our service is convenient as you can issue billing docs right on the site from any device at your fingertips or use our Android and iPhone invoicing app. We strive to provide our users with such tools that let them deal with customers on the go. You don’t have to plug in a scanner or printer, look for a pen for signing, or use a bunch of paper sheets; all options are available online.

    Any user has an opportunity to generate a billable hours invoice template they need and save it locally. Authorized members have more features. Log in to your account and fill in your business details, for example for a handyman invoice. Our platform memorizes this information and inserts it into each next file. To speed up the paperwork process, form a database of your clients. Do it manually or import contacts from notebooks on your devices.

    We also provide freelancers and independent contractors with the ability to determine the most suitable payment ways for them and orderers with invoice hourly rates. You have Stripe, which allows you to accept Visa, American Express, Mastercard, etc., PayPal, checks, and bank transfers to choose from. If the method you need is not listed, specify it manually.

    All the files you create (from an invoice template basic to specialized bills) are kept in your profile memory. It is convenient to conduct bookkeeping. You see how much money you have received, what is still expected, and which customers are late with payments.

  • How to Write an Invoice for Hours Worked

    Our generator is available on smartphones, PCs, tablets, and laptops, so you can utilize the hourly invoice example to write out documents anytime. If you are logged into the system, your data will already be in the doc header. Enter your client’s details or pick a person from your contacts.

    Next, you should put the services provided for the reporting period. Enter the item title, cost per period, and the period for which you completed the task. You have the option to add as many lines as you wish. Be sure to include fees and discounts if any, taxes, and shipping costs. The system calculates the total amount and indicates it at the end of the contractor’s hourly invoice template. Choose a payment method and add comments and helpful tips to make the process easier for orderers.

  • Download Invoice Template for Hourly Work Easily with Saldo Invoice

    After listing in a self-employed invoice template hours worked, email the created file, share a link to it, or save it locally. If the company you do business with prefers to deal with physical documents, we offer the feature to print the paper to be sent by post or handed over in person.

    Our template invoice Microsoft Word offers the convenience of being able to print the paper easily.

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