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Catering Quote Template


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About our Catering Quote Template

Templates for catering quotes give you a thorough breakdown of the prices related to your services. With the help of the catering quote template, you can outline for your clients what they can expect from their event in terms of food, cost, and staffing requirements!
  • Properly compiling the Catering Quote Template

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    The catering quote example can be used to provide the client with a detailed breakdown of the prices and services associated with your catering work. In order to gather a detailed overview of your client’s needs, you should use the event proposal template. The catering quote must include line items for all costs associated with your services including food, staffing, location rental, and other miscellaneous fees. 

    You can fill in the template above, just use the information in this article to do it right!

    The event date(s) is an important part of your quote for catering because it helps the client determine how much time to allow for food preparation. The more detail you can provide about their schedule and how long their event will last, the better equipped you’ll be to give them a cost-effective quote.

    The client’s contact information must be specified with great care because it is crucial in the event that a contact is essential or that there are any outstanding difficulties.

    Important details:

    • Client Name
    • Contact Person
    • Phone Number
    • Email Address
    • Address

    Including the location of the event don’t forget these points: 

    • Venue Name
    • Address
    • City, State Zip code

    You can use the catering quote template to give the client a thorough overview of the costs and services included in your catering business, or to make a list conveniently, you can use the Excel quote generator. Use the event proposal template to get a thorough understanding of your client’s requirements. You should use this section as a guide whenever you’re prepared to start creating an estimate for your client.

  • Where to Find a Perfect Quote Template

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    This catering quote template was created by Invoice Maker, and it’s a great tool for any caterer who wants to increase their profits. This template allows you to easily calculate the total price of each menu item on your menu. The sections are broken down into three parts: food cost percentage, labor cost percentage, and overhead costs. You can use this template for any type of food service business including restaurants, hotels, or even banquet halls. 

    It’s very simple to download it in PDF. Fill the sample with all the information about a future event. You can also look at the ready-made one above on the page. Click on the “Download” button and now you can send or print it!

  • FAQ

    What is the purpose of a catering quote template?

    A catering quote template is used to provide potential clients with estimated costs for catering services before they decide to book.

    How do I effectively use a catering quote template for my services?

    Include detailed service descriptions, per-item or package pricing, total cost, and terms of service. Customize with your branding.

    Can I itemize different menu options in the catering quote template?

    Yes, the template allows you to present various menu options along with their corresponding prices to clients.

    Is the catering quote template customizable with my branding?

    Yes, you can personalize the catering quote template with your company’s logo and contact details.

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