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Invoice Maker is an online invoice generator – an innovative business tool you can use for creating invoices online without any hassle.
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  • Why Saldo Invoice Is an Ultimate Tool for Invoicing Businesses and Freelancers

    Billing documents are an important part of the relationship between suppliers and their clients. To help you do your job efficiently and not spend a lot of time invoicing customers, we’ve developed Invoice Maker.

    Users can utilize our basic invoice template and change it for each new client. Since our platform remembers the data you put and substitutes it in the following documents, you’ll save time filling out paperwork and spend it on more important matters.


    With this free software invoice samples, which you prepared in advance, can be adjusted, sent, or saved locally on any device convenient for you, provided that you have access to the Internet. To further speed up administrative work, manually set up your orderer base or import details from contacts into your smartphone or laptop.


    Our invoicing management software helps you stay organized even in a large flow of tasks. When a convenient tool is at hand, it is easier to operate accounting records. If customers receive the files they need on schedule, it is more likely that they’ll pay in the allotted time. Simplify the billing process by including your payment methods in the form and attaching clear instructions.

    The app assists users in organizing a small business. It lets you draft well-ordered files with your company logo and signature to make you look professional. It also helps to manage submitted papers and incoming money. Our invoicing mobile app is an excellent tool for self-employed and freelancers to write bills right on the go. We also offer a user-friendly service’s web version, which does not require downloading and installing any programs on your device.

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  • Customize Your Invoice With Our Invoice Templates

    It is simple to customize a doc following a specific orderer or tasks performed. Turn the invoice template into an estimate and vice versa in one click. They look similar, but you may change the color and format if you want. We offer several commonly used formats: PDF, Excel, Word, etc. Choose the one that is best for your customer.

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  • Create Professional Invoices

    With Invoice Maker, it’s easy to form professional-looking invoices for free:

    • Add your company logo and specify the invoice details: number, creation date, and due date;
    • Fill in the information about who provided goods and services and who received them. Include your and your client’s (an individual or legal entity) names and full contact details. The electronic invoice free application will remember the data, and then you won’t have to type them again;

    • In the “Description” section, list all the products you offered, specify their quantity, unit cost, and tax percentage. Add as many lines as you wish to the form to list all products, services, and fees. Leave a comment under each column if necessary.
    • Next, fill in the info regarding client payment options. They may include PayPal, bank transfers, Stripe, checks, etc. Leave quick instructions, tips, and recommendations in the “Notes” window to make it less complicated for them to deposit money.
    • If you wish, indicate the discount percentage for a specific employer and the delivery cost if you provide one. Next, professional invoice software automatically calculates the total amount.

    Unauthorized users have the option only to download papers. The complete set of all invoicing online free functions is available to authorized subscribers. In the finished document, you need to substitute up-to-date information about products. We ensure the entered data safety since all info is encrypted and securely stored on our servers.

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  • Download and Email Your Invoices Quick and Easy

    Preview the finished text for typos and errors before submitting it to a recipient. If everything is in order, send the invoice for free via email, share a link to it, print it, or save it to your device without leaving the account. When you transfer papers using a link, you may track the status through the application. This way, you can find out whether a customer has read files. 

    Invoice Maker, if necessary, sends notifications when recipients open docs submitted to them. You’ll know that they’ve reviewed records and will be able to remind them to deposit money in case of delay.

    Sort all generated docs by status (paid or unpaid) and date to ease the process of tracking payments. For simplifying accounting, you have access to reports on the sums received for a selected period and sums that are still expected on bills. Set your own notes on checks that have been paid. Also, the editor allows you to work with any world currencies, so you have the opportunity to expand your business and enter new markets.

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