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Large fonts support

Large fonts support (9) | Saldoinvoice.com

Choose comfortable fonts for your invoices

Saldo Invoice Maker provides for editing invoice documents for a personalized look. Apart from branding with logos, this includes using a font that will meet both the business’s needs and those of its customers. The functionality enables you to make the font larger or smaller as needed. Changes can be applied to any text within the form if you are a registered user of the application.

Use the Preview mode to see how the document is going to look. You can also modify pre-saved bill drafts to save time, which includes playing with fonts. In particular, this applies to invoices in PDF.

You can tweak fonts in documents presented in this format to make your invoices more universally readable or personalize them as needed, for example by using larger-than-normal letters. This functionality is a great way to show flexibility and make your documents accessible to all customer populations.

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