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Choose comfortable fonts for your invoices

Large fonts support - photo 1Saldo Invoice Maker provides for editing invoice documents for a personalized look. Apart from branding with logos, this includes using a font that will meet both the business’s needs and those of its customers. The functionality enables you to make the font larger or smaller as needed. Changes can be applied to any text within the form if you are a registered user of the application.

Use the Preview mode to see how the document is going to look. You can also modify pre-saved bill drafts to save time, which includes playing with fonts. In particular, this applies to invoices in PDF.

You can tweak fonts in documents presented in this format to make your invoices more universally readable or personalize them as needed, for example by using larger-than-normal letters. This functionality is a great way to show flexibility and make your documents accessible to all customer populations.

Create Professional, Readable Invoices With Saldo Software

Thriving companies owe their business success to good communication. This goes for both interactions within the organization and relations with clients. The need to be clear and easily understood by customers is even more apparent when dealing with critical financial information like invoices. When striving for top-notch clarity and professionalism in your bills, try Saldo Invoice – a robust and effective tool that helps you swiftly generate polished billing documents for clients and ensures their enhanced readability, thanks to the many cool customization features available.

Personalized Invoice Form

Large fonts support - photo 2In making invoices, no single style, format, or font size fits everyone perfectly. Therefore, Saldo allows you to customize your payment demand forms, giving each client a distinct and personalized experience. Whether you are working with a pre-printed invoice template or prefer to draft an invoice from scratch, Saldo gives you the tools to tweak and tailor it until it is perfect.

Here are some of the customization options available to Saldo users:

  • Adding branded elements: Saldo allows incorporating your company logo and color scheme into an invoice draft to align the document with your brand identity.
  • Changing fonts: The app makes it possible to choose a font for invoice that matches the overall aesthetic of the document with your client’s needs and expectations.
  • Heading & signature customization: With Saldo, you can make these fields unique and personalized. Tailor each invoice draft to your specific needs – whether starting from scratch or using a pre-printed invoice template.

With the app’s intuitive interface, building a personalized bill is nothing but a breeze. You can effortlessly add your company logo, use pre-saved contact information, and customize other elements whenever necessary.

Choose Comfortable Fonts for Your Invoices

Picking a font for invoice might seem small, but it can improve the reаdability of your document big time and show your customers that you care for their comfort. Saldo’s Large Fonts Support feature provides various fonts, so you can pick the one that makes it easy for your clients to read the bill and make out every little detail of the document.

Use different fonts

Variety is evolution’s best invention, and that holds true for fonts in invoices. When you draft an invoice with Saldo software, you can mix and match fonts within a single document to highlight a specific aspect of the bill or emphasize some crucial details you do not want the customer to overlook.

Large fonts support - photo 3Invoice preview mode

Preview mode is a great option that allows you to see your customized and edited billing documents exactly as your clients would before sending them. Using it ensures that fonts, branding elements, and overall presentation are perfectly harmonized and create a polished and professional look. You can apply this feature to newly generated drafts and pre-saved versions of bills, including any PDF copy of invoice.

Change pre-saved draft invoices

Registered app users can easily change and adjust fonts in their saved drafts. It is helpful when you want to quickly change a payment document you already have or make a copy of invoice for a similar customer.

Saldo Invoice facilitates your business billing, prioritizing professional presentation and enhanced readability. With its Large Fonts Support and Invoice Preview Mode features, Saldo software ensures your client communication is always efficient, precise, and clear.


Does SaldoInvoice offer support for large fonts in invoices?

Yes, SaldoInvoice provides support for large fonts in your invoices. This feature ensures that your invoice content remains easily readable, making it accessible to a wider range of recipients.

How can I adjust the font size for my invoices in SaldoInvoice?

Adjusting the font size in SaldoInvoice is simple. You can customize the font size settings directly within the platform’s invoice template editor, allowing you to create invoices with fonts that suit your preferences.

Is the large font support optimized for both print and digital invoices?

Absolutely, SaldoInvoice’s large font support is optimized for both print and digital invoices. Whether you’re sending invoices electronically or printing them for distribution, the text will remain legible and clear.

Can I choose from a variety of font styles when using large fonts in SaldoInvoice?

Yes, SaldoInvoice often provides a selection of font styles to choose from. You can select a font that aligns with your brand’s aesthetics and ensures a professional and visually appealing presentation.

Is the large font support responsive to different devices and screen sizes?

Indeed, SaldoInvoice’s large font support is designed to be responsive. Whether your invoice is viewed on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device, the font size will adapt appropriately, maintaining readability and presentation quality.

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