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Track your income with financial reports devices | Saldoinvoice.com

Track your income with financial reports

Track your income with financial reports (9) | Saldoinvoice.com

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Saldo Invoice Maker is more than just an average billing solution targeting entrepreneurs and self-employed people. We make sure that our users can fully enjoy the benefits of keeping well-structured, organized, and complete billing records by providing them with informative financial reports.

Our mobile app for Android and iOS will store the bills that you create and send to your customers. Since each individual document has a status attached to it, such as paid, unpaid, or overdue, Invoice Maker can group them by this criterion to prepare insightful statistics describing the amount that you have earned over a certain period and your expected income in the near future.

Such invoice reports and client payment data can then be used to inform meaningful decisions concerning your business. Tracking income with Invoice Maker is both optional and highly intuitive, with a focus on presenting the data that matters to our users.

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