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Track your income with financial reports

Track your income with financial reports (9) | Saldoinvoice.com

Check all your invoices: sent and received in payments report

Comprehensive Financial Insights - photo 1Saldo Invoice Maker is more than just an average billing solution targeting entrepreneurs and self-employed people. We make sure that our users can fully enjoy the benefits of keeping well-structured, organized, and complete billing records by providing them with informative financial reports.

Our mobile app for Android and iOS will store the bills that you create and send to your customers. Since each individual document has a status attached to it, such as paid, unpaid, or overdue, Invoice Maker can group them by this criterion to prepare insightful statistics describing the amount that you have earned over a certain period and your expected income in the near future.

Such invoice reports and client payment data can then be used to inform meaningful decisions concerning your business. Tracking income with Invoice Maker is both optional and highly intuitive, with a focus on presenting the data that matters to our users.

Take Control of Your Billing With Saldo Invoice’s Payments Report

The number of apps modern businesses rely on is overwhelming: there is a software program for everything – from managing calendars to time-tracking projects. So, it should come as no shock that we have dedicated apps for billing, too. However, when choosing an invoicing tool, it is not enough for business owners to pick a good and dependable solution that allows creating attractive bills – they need to find the one that offers a little extra and makes their lives easier beyond just billing. And that is exactly what Saldo Invoice does with its robust invoice reporting capabilities.

Check All Your Invoices: Sent and Received in the Payments Report

Comprehensive Financial Insights - photo 2Invoice management is no longer a confusing process thanks to Saldo Invoice’s game-changing feature – the Payments Report. This tool allows registered Saldo customers to quickly access their billing history and see which payment requests have been sent, received, and paid and which are overdue. This way, business owners can have more control over their money transactions and obtain valuable insights into their earnings and expected income.

Payments report

With Saldo software, you will have the power of data-driven decision-making. The Payments Report feature provides a detailed summary of payments received and overdue amounts, making it easy to understand your financial standing and predict the financial situation ahead.

Here are some benefits that come with using Saldo’s invoice reporting functionality:

  • Comprehensive overview: Gain an in-depth summary of your financial exchanges with clients, including a paid invoice report for effective tracking and management of your cash flow.
  • Strategic insights: Use interactive bill charts to identify trends and patterns within your payment data and adjust your strategies for better financial outcomes.
  • Informed business decisions: Make informed decisions using data accumulated by Saldo software, where every income invoice is timely processed and accurately documented.

Using the Payments Report feature, you will experience enhanced financial clarity and make your business decisions confidently.

Store the bills

Comprehensive Financial Insights - photo 3Saldo Invoice keeps all your bills neat, seamlessly organized, and easily accessible from desktop and mobile devices. Whether you want to quickly check the status of your latest income invoice to the customer or generate a detailed paid invoice report to show to the stakeholders at a meeting, you can do all that from any mobile device or using your office’s desktop computer.

Every bill you create and send is securely stored within the app, and each document is tagged as paid, unpaid, or overdue for easy sorting and navigation. Registered Saldo users can easily generate many helpful statistics in just a few clicks to better understand their financial situation.

Earned and expected income

With Saldo’s comprehensive bill charts, you can visualize your business’s financial present and future. By analyzing historical data, these interactive reporting instruments help you better calculate the amount your business has earned over a certain period, foresee your potential earnings, and set achievable goals.

Income tracking for entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals is a breeze with Saldo Invoice. Use this advanced invoice generation and bill tracking solution to gain intuitive and accurate financial insights into your business’s revenue flows and be ready to embrace the future of informed decision-making.


How can I track my income using SaldoInvoice’s financial reports?

SaldoInvoice provides comprehensive financial reports that allow you to track your income over time. These reports summarize your invoicing activity and give you insights into your earnings.

What types of financial reports does SaldoInvoice offer?

SaldoInvoice typically offers a range of financial reports, including income statements, profit and loss statements, and revenue breakdowns. These reports help you understand your income sources and financial performance.

Can I customize the time periods for which I generate financial reports?

Yes, SaldoInvoice often allows you to customize the time periods for generating financial reports. You can choose to view income data for specific months, quarters, or years to analyze trends and patterns.

How does tracking income with financial reports benefit my business?

Tracking income with financial reports offers several benefits. It helps you make informed business decisions, identify peak earning periods, and evaluate the success of different products or services.

Are the financial reports in SaldoInvoice exportable for further analysis?

Yes, SaldoInvoice typically offers the option to export financial reports. You can export the reports in various formats, such as PDF or spreadsheet files, allowing for more in-depth analysis or sharing with your accountant.

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