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Translation Invoice Template


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About our Translation Invoice Template

The invoice is a document that represents the service contract between a buyer and a seller. It is a very important document in the business world. And if you need the perfect one, use the invoice for translation template by Invoice Maker. You will find all the necessary fields and offer customers clear invoices for translation services.
  • Why Translators Should Send Translation Invoice Template

    Translation Invoice Templates: Download Invoice For Translation Service I Saldoinvoice

    Translators and interpreters need to be fluent in at least two languages, know the characteristics of cultures to be able to adapt and optimize information, and master administrative tasks. Aspiring freelancers and independent contractors may not know how to charge for services rendered properly. Whatever type of translation you are involved in, you should issue a polished invoice for translation and give it to a client to receive payment after completing the work. The document confirms the fulfillment of an order and is the basis for claiming compensation.

    A translation services invoice is a key piece of paper that freelancers in any industry need to master to fill out. Such a file is extremely important for several reasons:

    • fixes the fact of orders’ execution;
    • formally requires payments;
    • needed for budgeting, planning, and inventory;
    • protects you from dishonest clients;
    • helps track due payments and debts;
    • simplifies filling out tax forms and paying taxes.


    A freelance translation invoice describes in detail the order you completed and the payment terms fixed in a contract, so it is a legal document that obliges a recipient to pay for it and protects you from fraudsters.

    Since this paper carries such importance, it should be well structured and detailed. So that you do not waste time compiling bills manually, use our ready-made invoice translation template. You just need to enter information about the contractor, customers, the tasks performed, and the due compensation. When clients receive a professional-looking document with an itemized list of goods and services, they are less likely to have any questions and provide payment as you agreed.

    If you’re unsure how to display all of the work correctly, check out any invoice sample for translation services to see how others do it. Our forms give you lots of customization options, so you can include both hourly and flat rate items. Also, depending on the complexity of the tasks, you can assign different prices to each line. And if in addition to translations you perform some other related duties, for example, process media files, use our other forms like PSD invoice template.

  • Download Translation Invoices Easy With Saldo Invoice

    Translation Invoice Template

    The advantage of our service is that it is available on PCs and laptops, as well as on portable devices. So you have the opportunity to choose any digital invoice format and fill out forms literally on the go. Use our website, application, or download the desired template to your device and enter the necessary information in advance. The finished document can be sent to the email address specified in the client’s contacts or using a link. If you wish, you can save the file locally and even print it.

  • FAQ

    What information should be included in a translation invoice for translation services?

    A translation invoice should include details about the translator, client’s information, document details, word count, translation rates, and payment terms.

    Can I include different languages or language pairs in the translation invoice?

    Yes, you can specify the languages or language pairs for each translation project in the template.

    Is there a section for providing a breakdown of translated documents and their costs?

    The template often includes a section to itemize translated documents and their associated costs.

    Can I add a section for rush orders or expedited translation services on the invoice?

    Yes, you can include a section for rush orders or expedited services and their associated fees.

    Is the translation invoice template suitable for freelance translators and translation agencies?

    Yes, both freelance translators and translation agencies can use the template to invoice for their translation services.

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