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Cleaning Quote Template


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About our Cleaning Quote Sample

You can easily create a cleaning business quotation in just 5 minutes using the Invoice Maker template. The template is designed to be easy-to-use and requires no previous knowledge of Excel, so you can create your first quotation by following the steps in this article.
  • Create A Cleaning Business Quotation In Just 5 Minutes

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    If you’re running a cleaning business, then creating quotations will be an important part of your job. Quotations help potential clients understand the costs of hiring your company and give you a chance to highlight the benefits of working with you. A good quotation should include all the necessary information, such as price and duration of services. However, it can be difficult to create one from scratch every time someone asks for one – especially if that someone is in charge of hundreds or thousands of properties! Thankfully there is plenty of cleaning quotes templates out there that allow you to quickly pull together a professional document without having to spend hours writing it all yourself.

    What is a quotation?

    The price offer is an estimate of the cost of the work.

    The customer can then choose, accept, reject or negotiate a price.

    If you’re using a quote for invoicing, it’s important to make sure your customers understand that it’s not a contract — you can’t force them to pay if they don’t want to! It is more of a reminder of what was agreed upon. By using a quote at the beginning, you minimize misunderstandings with the client.

  • Use the Template to Create Your Own Cleaning Quote

    Creating a cleaning business quotation template is one of the best things you can do for your business.

    If you’re ready to make that happen, then read on!

    Once you’ve created your template, it’s easy to use it. Just start typing in all of the information you need for your quote: items included in the service (i.e., what does “carpet cleaning” mean?), how long each item will take (i.e., how much time does it take to clean a carpet?) and so on. Download the template file, open it up in PDF and send out an email or print that quote!

    You can use the quote template for cleaning services as is or customize it to better fit your needs. You can also create a new quote from scratch by choosing the one below.

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