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Commercial Cleaning Estimate Template


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About our Commercial Cleaning Estimate Template

The estimate template is ready to use. You can fill in it and download the blanks, then send it to your clients for review. They’ll be able to give you feedback on their preferred payment terms and conditions and other details about the job before finalizing it with you.
  • Template For Estimating Commercial Cleaning Jobs

    Commercial Cleaning Estimate Template - Edit I Download

    Before starting a business, it’s important to create an estimate template. This will help you accurately price your services and prevent undercharging or overcharging your clients.

    An estimate is a document that contains the information needed to create a contract. It’s a very important step in the process of hiring an outside company for commercial cleaning, so you want to make sure you choose someone who can help you create an accurate estimate.

    Fill in your free estimate template right now!

    To get started as a commercial cleaning professional, fill out the estimate form above. Once you’re done, download it and start using it for commercial cleaning jobs right away.

    • Fill in your information at the top of the form: Your name, company name, etc.
    • Scroll down to enter pricing options for different types of commercial cleaning jobs (office cleaning services; facility maintenance services; maid service) and specific types of services (clean-up after an event).
    • Next to each option, enter what is typically included in that type of service (e.g., sweeping floors or vacuuming carpets).
    • You can also add any products or equipment you’ll need for each kind of job described above—such as water mops for office floors or industrial floor strippers for heavy-duty scrubbing jobs.
    • Finally, next to each product listed above enter its estimated weight, tax and discount, so we can figure out full costs if needed later on!

    You can use the template if:

    • You’re interested in starting your own business as a janitorial or building maintenance contractor and need to know how much time and money it will take to get started
    • You already work for another company but are looking for ways to save time on each job by creating more accurate estimates


    This template can help you estimate commercial cleaning jobs

    Commercial Cleaning Estimate Template - photo 1You can fill in the commercial cleaning estimates template, on any device! Use a computer, tablet or mobile device and open the file. 

    Once you have opened the document, use your cursor to highlight each box and type in your information accordingly. You may also have to adjust some of the boxes manually after typing or pasting text into them; this will vary depending on what kind of information you’re putting into each box so it’s best if you play around with it for a little bit until you get all of your numbers where they need to be!

    The template can help you estimate commercial cleaning jobs by providing an easy way of calculating estimated costs based on an hourly rate as well as an overall cost estimate per job (including materials). 

  • FAQ

    Who can benefit from a commercial cleaning estimate template?

    A commercial cleaning estimate template is useful for cleaning companies to provide potential clients with an estimated cost for cleaning services.

    What sections are usually included in the commercial cleaning estimate template?

    The template typically includes details about the cleaning services, the area to be cleaned, estimated hours, and the total cost.

    How should I fill out a commercial cleaning estimate template?

    Provide detailed service descriptions, estimated hours, and rates. Add your company’s branding.

    Is the commercial cleaning estimate template customizable?

    Yes, you can customize the template to match your cleaning company’s branding and tailor it to your specific services.

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