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Job (Work) Estimate Template


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About our Work Estimate Template

Arranging an estimate precedes the conclusion of a certain agreement, and it is an obligatory procedure for every person who agrees to do work or provide services for payment. To quickly create a reliable estimate, you may use ready-made templates for job estimates by Invoice Maker!
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    Work estimates are the first step in the working relationship between the parties, followed by providing an invoice and a final bill. Estimates are used by professionals from many fields, be it construction, creative work, or intellectual work. The primary purpose of such documents is to provide a preliminary estimate of the job or project cost. Estimates also include project deadlines, payment terms, and conditions. If you need a professional work estimate example, try a ready-made template for job estimate by Saldo Invoice

    Our templates will help you create job estimate sheets for any business purpose. A user-friendly interface is designed to make generating and sending a file multiple times faster than paper ones. We understand that the relationship between the contractor and the customer involves a lot of paperwork. Especially for the needs of small businesses, our dedicated developers have created a multitasking tool that significantly simplifies business documentation. Choose a template for any task, whether writing an estimate, an invoice, or a final receipt. We’ve provided a solution for the most specific tasks, which include full or partial payment of an invoice. For example, if an individual has split the payment into several pieces, you may find the balance due invoice template helpful. Below, we’ll provide a step-by-step guide to completing the online estimating jobs.

  • Download Job Estimate Template Easy With Saldo Invoice

    Open a free job estimate template and fill in the required fields. Include customer contacts, your contacts, cost of goods and services, taxes and shipping costs (if required). Next, personalize your work estimate sample by adding your logo and business name. Assign a unique number and save a copy. After that, the estimate for work template is easy to print or attach to an email.

    Finished job estimates forms are saved in PDF by default. This format is optimal for sending, storing, and keeping your accounting records. Compared to paper documents, PDF files require several times less time to generate and process. 

    You’ll find many templates that perfectly suit the needs of small businesses in our collection. Diversify business communication and impress your clients with professional documents. Explore other templates that may come in handy, such as a vehicle purchase order sample. Rest assured: on our website, you will always find a template that fits your needs perfectly.

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