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Construction Estimate Template


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About our Construction Estimate Template

The Invoice Makers Construction Estimate Template is a free, downloadable template used to create professional-looking estimates in construction for your clients. This template can be used with any type and size of the company. Take it to complete your tasks fast and qualitatively.
  • Online Construction Estimate Template

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    An estimating for construction is a written summary of the labor and material costs for a project. It’s used to help you determine how much money it will cost to build something, such as a house or an office building.

    Construction estimates are typically prepared by professionals like engineers and architects. However, you can also create your own construction estimates using this template if you’re not able to hire one of these professionals. This template will walk you through everything needed in order to create your own estimate: General information about the project Site information Existing conditions Materials and labor.

    To use this template:

    1. Choose the template that will meet your requirements.
    2. Enter the information into the mandatory fields. 
    3. You may also want to add some notes or logos here if desired! 
    4. When finished writing out all of your estimates, go back through them one last time before sending them off so there are no mistakes!
    5. Download the file from our website and save it on your computer.
  • Complete the Template

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    General Information

    • Name of the company
    • Name of the project
    • Location of the project (street address, city and state)
    • Date of estimate: *Estimate due date: *Type of project: new construction or remodel
    • Client’s name, address, phone number and email.

    Existing Conditions

    The first step in the construction estimating process is to determine the needs of your home or business. This is called “existing conditions” and is an important part of any project.

    Add the description of each room, including dimensions and any features (such as wooden floors or vaulted ceilings).

    Materials and Labor

    Construction Estimate Template - photo 2When you’re doing an estimate, it’s important to know what materials and labor are. Materials are the cost of the physical materials used in construction. For example, if you’re building a house and using wood for the walls and floors, then those items would be considered materials. Labor refers to the workers’ time spent doing work on a project (like framing up walls). The work of a specialist. Each specialist has his own level of experience, so the work of an individual specialist should be taken into account in the estimate.

    This template will help you create an estimate for your next construction project. It’s free and easy to use, so there’s no reason not to give it a try!

    Customize the template by adding information about your company and any relevant contact details. You can add as many line items as necessary, but keep in mind that the more information you provide about each item, the better chance you have of getting paid what’s fair for the work done onsite. This is especially true if there are multiple contractors working together at once (e.g., plumbers and electricians). You may also want to include notes regarding special requirements related specifically towards this job site; this could include things like structural issues or other safety concerns that weren’t present during previous projects but might affect how things go now.

  • FAQ

    Who uses a construction estimate template?

    A construction estimate template is used by construction companies to provide clients with an estimated cost for a construction project.

    What information is typically included in a construction estimate template?

    The template includes project details, materials, labor costs, timelines, and other essential components of the construction project.

    Can I customize the construction estimate template for different types of construction projects?

    Yes, the template can be adapted to cater to various types of construction projects, whether residential, commercial, or industrial.

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