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501 C 3 Donation Receipt Template

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About our 501 C 3 Donation Receipt Template

Here’s a sample 501c3 donation receipt to download for free. It’s a clean and easy to-read format that can be customized to fit your organization. This 501c3 donation receipt is a sample document that can be used by non-profit organizations to thank donors for their contributions.
  • When Do You Need a 501 C 3 Donation Receipt?

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    If you run a nonprofit organization or foundation, you’ve probably faced a receipt for a donation to 501 C 3. These are usually sent out to contributors after each gift that exceeds $250. Such prescriptions are essential to givers because they later use the 501 C 3 form for tax returns and deductions. 

    According to the IRS, a receipt for a 501 C 3 donation can only be written by a certified nonprofit organization that serves the public interest. Generally, these are charities, corporations, and foundations that help vulnerable citizens, engage in educational programs, scientific, religious, cultural, and so on.

    The proper 501 C 3 receipt example includes the appropriate label, details of the nonprofit organization, donor contacts, the amount of the donation or its description (for real estate, vehicles, other things), and the date of the receipt. Note that a contributor is allowed to attach a tax deductions form strictly before the close of the tax year.

  • Download 501 C 3 Receipts Easy With Saldo Invoice

    Complete your sample 501 C 3 donation receipt quickly with our step-by-step instructions. To start, open a ready-made template on your phone, tablet, or computer and fill in the blank fields. Remember to give your prescription a unique number, enter your organization and donor information correctly, and include the amount and type of donation. Add your organization’s logo and save the document. 

    Once you have completed all the previous steps, download the 501 C 3 donation receipt form as a PDF and send it to the recipient as an email attachment. Optionally, you can print a copy and send it in the post mail. Don’t forget to duplicate a record of the prescription in your ledger. These entries are official proof of your nonprofit’s source of income.

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