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 How to Write an Invoice Email

Sending papers online is the most modern and convenient way of billing clients. It helps you save money and time and ensures that all documents are delivered to an addressee. In this article, we’ll explain in detail how to invoice by email and what such a letter should include.

What Is an Invoice Email?

What Is an Invoice Email?

An invoice is a particular form that specifies a contractor, an orderer, lists the services or goods rendered, fees, taxes, payment options, and gives recommendations and tips. With its help, you, as a freelancer or self-employed, can get paid for the work performed. An invoicing email is a note that contains brief information, such as subject and purpose, and also has a bill attached.

With Saldo Invoice, you don’t have to come up with an accompanying text. Be sure you won’t miss any critical information. With our generator, you can make an invoice and send it to a recipient with a few clicks. Such a letter has a subject, which includes the doc ID and the sender’s name, while the text indicates the amount to be paid and the timeline. Your client will get the same information if you choose to share a file using a link.

How to Send an Invoice Through Email?

Most modern companies have long since switched to a paperless workflow. So, online invoice mailing has become a common thing. Our service offers the opportunity to use ready-made templates for any profession, job, and task. Even if you don’t find suitable forms in our library, you can always take a template basic invoice and customize it.

Each file already has all the required fillable fields, so you just need to fill in the data. After that, click “Send” to submit the finished document to a recipient to an email address specified in contacts, or pick the “Share” option and send a link to a file. All can be done within a few seconds and right on the go from any device. Now you definitely won’t think about how to write an email with an invoice attached.

Write Overdue Invoice Letter to Get Paid

Learn about past due invoices. How to protect businesses from dishonest clients.

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Standard Invoice Email Template

Our templates are universal and follow the generally accepted mail format for sending an invoice to a client. To fill them out, you should enter the following data:
  • the date of drawing up a document and the payment timeline;
  • your and your orderer’s business details;
  • items provided, indicating their quantity, prices, fees, and taxes;
  • shipping costs and discounts if you offer such services;
  • possible payment methods;
  • recommendations and advice for a customer.
The finished file is attached to an email. The accompanying text contains brief information so that a client quickly understands from which a document came.

Email Past Due Invoice

Well-structured and professional bills ensure that orderers pay for the provided work in full and on time. But how to ask for a payment of an invoice politely by email if a customer may delay a compensation? Professionals distinguish three main stages of working with such non-payers. However, you should first discuss penalties that will follow if you do not receive money on time.

First, shortly before the due date, you need to gently remind a client that the due date is approaching and ask them to deposit the agreed amount into your account. Secondly, after a few days from a deadline, it is worth writing an unpaid invoice email with information that the payment has not been received, and a customer will be penalized for the delay. The third email for an outstanding invoice should be made in a stricter form, indicating the fees for late payment and the threat to move to more decisive legal actions. Be sure to attach a copy of the papers to each message if an orderer accidentally deleted them. Here is an email invoice example: 

Important Elements and Structure of an Invoice Letter

When writing an invoice letter, it’s essential to keep it professional and up to the point. It should contain some crucial elements like the unique number, date, billing address, due date, the total amount due, a description of the services or products provided, and the payment methods. It’s also advisable to specify a subject line like ‘Invoice for [Your Service]’ to make the letter clear to the client.

Best Practices and Tips to Write Invoice Letters

Creating a professional billing letter involves more than just listing the goods or services you’ve provided. Here are a few tips to follow:
  • Be Polite: Even if the payment is overdue, maintain a courteous tone.
  • Be Clear and Concise: Make sure that your letter is easy to understand. Keep the language simple and clear.
  • Follow-up: If the client doesn’t pay by the due date, sending a polite reminder mail can be a way out. If you don’t get a response, consider escalating the issue.
  • Use Professional Language: Avoid using jargon or slang, even if you have an informal relationship with the client.
  • Keep Records: Always keep copies of all correspondence regarding bills, especially if the payment is past due.

Examples of Invoice Emails

To help you out, here are a couple of examples of such emails. For a Proforma invoice: Subject: Proforma Invoice [ID] Dear [Client’s Name], Please find the Proforma invoice for our services attached. The total amount due is [Amount]. We appreciate your prompt payment. Best regards, [Your Name]   For a past due invoice: Subject: Past Due Invoice [ID] Dear [Client’s Name], This is a reminder that Invoice [ID] is now past due. Please send the payment at your earliest convenience. Thank you, [Your Name]  

Key Points to Remember

Remember, you can always use your email to send an invoice if you wish. Just make sure that it is accurate, professional, and clear. Always be polite, even if you’re dealing with overdue payments, and make sure that you have records of all the letters that you send.
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