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Garage Invoice Template


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About our Garage Invoice Template

Grab our free garage invoice template in PDF to complete your tasks. It’s very easy to use, just fill it out, download it and send it to your client. You can also download the Saldo Invoice app and use it as your basic garage invoice software. 
  • Where to use Garage Invoices?

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    Garage invoices are a great way to keep track of the work you do, and the money you make. A good invoice will also help you to improve your customer service, as well as make your business more attractive to new clients.

    An invoice is an important part of any business and garage invoices are no exception. They allow you to keep track of what work you have done, how much it cost and who paid for it. It also allows you to keep track of who owes you money and when they will pay it back.

    The best type of invoice for a garage is one that has:

    • A header containing information about the customer (name, address etc)
    • A list of all work carried out with details such as time spent working on each item, cost per hour (including VAT), total cost for each job and total amount due from the customer
    • A footer containing details such as payment terms (if applicable)
    • If you are running a small garage, you need to have an invoice template that allows you to send bills and keep track of your income. You can use a simple spreadsheet to create custom invoices, but it is better to use a software that has been specifically designed for this purpose.
  • Download Invoice for Garage Easy With Saldo Invoice

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    One step closer to making your life easier with our garage invoice template! This handy little document will help you plan your weekend activities, declare a new time schedule, or even plan a party. Whether you’re buying groceries or starting a new job, a simple office invoice will make your life go from bad to good. So why not make something simple with our garage invoice template? Download today and start creating!

  • FAQ

    What types of services can the garage invoice template be used for?

    The garage invoice template is suitable for automotive repair and maintenance businesses, including auto repair shops and mechanics.

    Can I itemize different automotive repair services and their costs in the invoice?

    Yes, you can typically itemize different automotive repair services, parts, and labor costs in the template.

    Are there sections for specifying vehicle details and VIN numbers in the invoice?

    You can often include sections for specifying vehicle details, including make, model, and VIN numbers.

    Is there space for adding notes or recommendations for vehicle maintenance?

    You can typically include a space for adding notes or recommendations for future vehicle maintenance in the template.

    Can I customize the garage invoice template with my garage’s branding and contact information?

    Yes, you can usually customize the template with your garage’s branding, logo, and contact information.

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