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Delivery Service Invoice Template

About our Delivery Service Invoice Template

For making an invoice delivery service we recommend using our delivery invoice template. It is very easy to fill, download and send or print. Use this template for any type of delivery, for example, furniture transportation, food delivery or carriage of different goods.
  • Delivery Service Invoice Template

    Delivery Service Invoice Template

    When you run an online retail business, it’s vital that you have a delivery service contract in place. This document helps protect both the customer and the seller from any disputes that might arise after delivery. It also helps make sure your business meets all legal requirements when delivering goods to customers. Having an invoice template can also help prevent mistakes and errors on your invoices so they’re easy to read and understand by both parties involved.

    Easy Delivery Invoice with Saldo Invoice

    Fill in the delivery invoice form by following the steps:

    1. Billing address
    2. Delivery address
    3. Date of delivery
    4. Goods ordered and delivered (i.e., number of boxes, weight) * Method of payment (cash, check, credit card or invoice)
    5. Total due and paid

    Billing address

    The billing address is the location where you will send your invoice. It should contain all of the following information:

    • Name and address of the customer
    • Phone number of the customer
    • Email address of the customer

    You can also include your company name.

    Delivery address

    This is the address where you will be delivering your package or item.

    • Receiver’s name: The name of the person who will be receiving your package or item.
    • Phone number: Include both their primary phone number and alternate contact information such as an office extension or cellular device number.

    Date of delivery

    The date of delivery should be entered in the first column, followed by the date of invoice and payment.

    Goods ordered and delivered

    The invoice will specify the items ordered and delivered, as well as any additional charges that may have occurred. Include:

    • Product name and quantity ordered (eg “10 boxes of widgets”)
    • Delivery costs (especially if you have a logistical route)

    Method of payment

    The payment method is indicated in the “Method of Payment” section. This is where you’ll find the options and information about any fees associated with each type of payment.

    • Credit card: If you choose to pay by credit card, your bank will process the transaction and charge an additional fee for processing (typically between 2% and 3%). 
    • Debit card: If you choose this option, your debit card will be charged immediately upon submission of your order online through PayPal or Stripe (depending on which platform we use).
    • Cash. 

    Total due and paid

    Total due and paid: The total amount you have paid for the item(s).

    • Taxes and shipping costs: You can include taxes here if you want. 
    • Discounts: If there were any discounts given (for example, if the customer used a coupon), they should be noted here as well.
    • Payment terms: Your payment terms will vary depending on how much time is left before payment is due, how often you want payments made (weekly or monthly), etc., so make sure that whatever method works best for your business is reflected here

    Download the invoice template

    To download the delivery invoice sample, simply click on one of the ”Download” buttons above and here it is!

    The delivery billing format is a great way to keep track of all your deliveries and make sure you get paid for them. This will help you keep track of any expenses that may arise during the process so that you don’t end up losing money or making bad decisions based on misinformation. We also have many forms in our catalog, for example, consignment invoices.

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