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Cake Invoice Template


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About our Cake Invoice Template

Do you want to make beautiful cakes, but also, want to take your finances into control? So, you will need to issue an invoice for the cake order. But, if you wanna do it right, use our cake invoice template for it, and your bills will always be fine.
  • Ways of Using Cake Invoice Template

    Cake Invoice Template: Download Invoice For Cake Order Free - Saldoinvoice

    The culinary business in general, and the cake crafting in particular, is a direction that presents some difficulty in terms of billing. You need to consider both fixed-cost products and your work and services with hourly rates that can also vary depending on the task complexity. Of course, it’s not a problem with the right accounting tools.

    Our invoice for a cake order allows you to take into account all the parameters and speed up the billing process. Since the service is compatible with various devices, you can issue invoices wherever you’re, literally on the go. Prepare an invoice template for a cake business in advance by entering the necessary information into it, fill it out as you work on an order, or create it right after your cake is finished. To make your cake order invoice template look professional, fill it with the following information:

    • document number, date of creation, and day of payment;
    • your business details (stored in the system);
    • customer data (can be imported from a notebook);
    • flat rate products purchased, your work by the hour (use the built-in timer), the quantity of each item, and taxes;
    • payment methods and instructions;
    • discounts and shipping data;
    • notes, tips, and manuals to help a client transfer money to you faster.

    The data you enter in a cake order invoice is summed up, and the total amount is calculated automatically, so you can be sure that you won’t make any mathematical mistakes. All documents you create are stored in your account, so you can access them from any device. Besides, reports are generated based on these files to help you track customer activity and budget for the future.

    By the way, we have taken care not only of the creators of magnificent handmade cakes but also of other services that can be involved in this business. For example, we have an automobile invoice template if you’re engaged not in cooking but in delivering products and finished goods. It’s also highly customizable based on your current needs.

  • Download Cake Invoices Easy With Saldo Invoice

    Cake Invoice Template - photo 1

    When creating documents, you can choose an invoice template for Google Docs, Google Sheets, Excel, Word, or PDF (whichever is more convenient for you). Fill out a form and ensure there are no mistakes or typos. Compare it to any cake invoice sample to see that you’ve entered all the required information. Save the finished document locally for later transfer to a client or send it from our editor by email or message with a link. If necessary, you can also print a form.

  • FAQ

    What is unique about the cake invoice template?

    The cake invoice template is specifically designed for bakeries and cake shops. It includes fields to list different cake flavors, sizes, and additional customization options.

    How can I customize a cake invoice template for my bakery business?

    Customize your cake invoice by detailing each cake order, including the type of cake, size, custom decorations, prices, and any special instructions. Remember to include your bakery’s contact information, invoice date, and payment terms.

    Does the cake invoice template have a section for special requests?

    Yes, the cake invoice template allows you to add a section for customers to specify any special requests or customizations they want for their cake orders.

    Can I track cake orders using this template?

    While the cake invoice template is primarily for billing purposes, you can use it to track orders by keeping a record of each invoice generated for cake sales.

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